1500 ton carousel for Technip umbilicals assembled on-site after being fabricated at our Main Operations facility.









UPDATE: April 1, 2015


08/30/13 – Installation and Commissioning for Shell WD143 SSIV Successfully Completed

Vessel Arrives with all DDI Gear Intact

Porch Structure and HDM Install – Topside

UTH Overboarded

UTH Umbilical Topside Pull-In

Preparing for Hydro-Tests

Hydro-Tests Complete – Ready for Flushing and Tie-In

Tied-In and Ready for Flushing and TUTA Installation

Vessel Ready to Deploy EFLs


12/14/12 – 1st annual Hero Clay Shoot raises $26,000 for Impact A Hero

07/18/12 – DDI demonstrates its reputation for innovative solutions by developing and executing a system to quickly spool large jumpers onto a RDC system and transport anywhere in the world with short notice.

07/09/12 – Impact A Hero and Deep Down, Inc. to Partner on Fund Raising for Vets

01/24/12 – DDI completes FAT of two subsea filtration modules

01/05/12 – Major operator receives its first DDI manufactured LSFL

12/20/11 – 2nd DDI 3,000+ MT carousel has been FAT tested and handed over to customer

11/20/11 – DDI completed performing large scale SIT of subsea distribution system including umbilicals stored on DDI carousel at Core Industries completing the loadout and SIT phases