3D Animation and Multimedia

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Deep Down’s multiple award winning animation and multimedia group is one of the most experienced in the industry with over 28 years in 3D computer animation, graphics, multimedia, advertising, marketing, and design. We possess the knowledge and experience to bring animation and multimedia concepts to reality. Contact us to see how we can assist you with your 3D animation and multimedia needs.

Throughout our award winning history, we have completed many large-scale projects for a wide variety of companies in nearly every industry. Deep Down also uses animations and 3D modeling in support of its operations to provide customers and personnel a clear picture of the projects and identify issues that may arise at an early stage.

Industrial Manufacturing Applications

  • Virtual Prototype Rendering Animation
  • Custom Concept and Design Renderings and Animations
  • CAD Files Converted to Full 3D Renderings and Animations
  • Designs and Renderings from simple photographs and sketches
  • See your concepts and designs in real world settings
  • Technical Illustrations converted to Marketing and Advertising Materials
  • Marketing Materials and Advertising from CAD models
  • Training Materials and Imagery

High Resolution Artwork and Illustration

  • High Resolution Renderings from Internet to billboard size images
  • Lifelike detail and clarity
  • Professional Photography in-studio or outdoors


  • Menus for display of animations, video, and graphics on CD, DVD, web delivery, or jump drive
  • Virtual interface to simulate equipment operation
  • Automated Sales and Marketing Tools
  • Web Applications

Production Services

  • 3D Character Animation and Development
  • Advanced Character Design, Modeling and Animation
  • Complex Facial Modeling, Setup and Animation
  • Dynamic properties for cloth, hair, and softbodies
  • Integration of digital characters with live action, actors, and sets

Film and Television Production Services

  • Character Design, Animation and Rigging
  • Special FX, Dynamics, and Particle Animation
  • Non-Linear Editing and Composing
  • Adobe AfterEffects, Premiere, PhotoShop, and Illustrator
  • Digital Sets, Props, and Crowds
  • FX Consulting and Design
  • Main Title Design
  • Digital Matte Painting, Rotoscoping, and Rig Removal
  • Digital Lighting and Atmospheric FX